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BrandComm made easy

We are an Ad Agency With Creative and Strategic Solutions

We enable brands to build and scale without compromising the authenticity of the brand. With great designs and more exposure towards creative communications we make it easier for you to establish yourself as a great brand.


Creativity takes courage and Art takes you into a world of its own and you are invited! We leverage the power of trends & technology to innovate and set creative communication channels.


If creative communication is an art, technology is the heart of communication in keeping you stay ahead of your competitors. In a battle between FOMO vs. JOMO, let’s grab a moment and get back to creating masterpieces.

Problem Solvers


Intellectually Curious


Caffeine Addicts


Good marketing makes the company look smart; Great marketing makes the customer feel smart

With our years of experience in consulting, planning, launching, scaling, and establishing brands, we have learnt the art of advertising the hard way. But, we are willing to make things easier for you. We have worked across various niches and scale of operation, One thing common for every business that can open any lock is communication, Cuz communication is .
Obviously the key!!

Are these guys for real??

Yes, we are, probably better!! And here’s why!!

You do not test the depth of the waters with both your feet, well, if you do, there's no turning back! Swim and walk out!! We’re like that 50:50 option in KBC, making it easier to decide. Oh! also phone a friend. To keep it simple and relevant let's assume we're a lifeline and we make sure you sail against all odds to reach the port.

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Simplify ADs

Our focus is to make you understand what we do. The moment you get it, from that day our brands can happily live ever after!

ROI Driven

We are always driven by the fact that you reap what you sow. But, we want you to reap more than what you sow! High return on your investment

Better ROAS

We give our attention to detail and curious observations on every penny spent on ads. This has helped our clients earn more returns.

WOW! That's cool!

When was the last time somebody said this about your brand coms? If it's not too long, let's do it again. If it's way too long, let's do it right now!

We’d love to partner with you.
From the desk of Team Pufferfish.

Take a look at what we’ve done and we could probably be looking at a best potential collaboration ever.

We never stop running
We are always on our toes to do something

Ads, videos, podcasts, launches, strategies, building and rebuilding brands, and…

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Content Strategy

Writing a fine piece of article OR to persuade a reader to take action. We make it better, even if it’s spit-polishing your bio or giving life to your thoughts of wool-gathering.


Human-Centric Design

A good design is something that passes through the mind of your audience without realizing it’s designed to do so. Making it simpler and easier to understand and relate.


Digital Transformation

You need the right set of audience, and the right timing to sell. We assist you to set the right strategy and create a disruptive digital transformation to achieve your marketing goals.

Process or Framework call it whatever you want, this is what gives results!


The first step before the plan is to listen. We make sure we have all the data we need is collected.


With the data we have, we decode what are the pain points and highlighted areas


With the actual problem in hand, we use all our resources to arrive at a solution


Upon having a solution in hand and considering the available resources we deploy work and start creating magic!