PUFFERFISH ENTERPRISE - Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore
Execution and persistence will always prevail over talent.



Believe in the gut to create a social influence, and do what it says



The chaos of advertising, simplify and define the way it's done

We deliver high quality and cost-effective partnerships

We do things similar to what every other Full-service Ad Agency does, but what we really don't do is that

We don't only plan commercials; we create strategic solutions;

We're not great dancers, but we get you brand moves like jagger;

We don't do team lunches or team outings, we sniff the mountains and beaches and leave a trail on our motorbikes.

If we made a cover letter for ourselves, this is how it would look.




Happy Heads
Coffee Mugs
Sleepless Nights
Sense of Humor
How about a challenge for you?

Imagine if you had an opportunity to talk to 90,000 potential leads at once about your business for 15 seconds and you have one attempt to talk. What would you say? Well, here are 3 things that you should remember before you talk and that's exactly what creative brand communications is all about every time.

Humanized voice

Talk about the solution and don't sound too salesy. We all love to hear what it is rather than a stereotype ad.
Don't we?

Pain-point strategy

The moment you talk about what exactly worries them, you have almost won half of them. But there's a bigger task to accomplish.

Personalized message

You can't address all 90,000 people by their names, but there is something that unites all of them! That's something you should be looking for.

The Process of our magic
The first step in creating magic is to listen and understand the problem.

In this process we dive deep into your problem statement and other relevant details and arrive at the exact problem. With the problem in hand, we dig more and understand other factor(s) influencing the problem(s). Empathise is a systematic process of also understanding the audience to arrive at a solution in a language that they will understand and accept.

You cannot solve a problem without knowing its limitations.

We have a clear understanding of the problem, but not all problems and solutions are the same (exactly like fingerprints). That being said, before we work on the solution, we identify the resources we have. Every solution and execution comes at a different limitations and budget. We clearly chalk out all other viable options then work on which could suit the brand coms very well.

All solutions aren’t harmful, but we’ll get you to heights!

Once we have all the required data, we then move one step closer towards forgetting the problem. The solution is derived in this stage with certain considerations like the target group and their attributes, Brand Tone and other external factors. Just like any other labs, our think lab discusses solutions to derive at the one that will blend into a perfect marketing mix

Not all 5 fingers are the same, but pick the one that shows the right direction.

Analyzing so much data, refining problem statements, diving deep into the niche and every possible monkey roll will not give a perfect solution if it is tested on a predefined set of audience or live audience. We now will have a final and foolproof result to create a NO BRAINER OFFER to eliminate the problem.